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Developing psychic power

Telekinesis Training Video

EEG – The Birth Of Telepathy?

Those in the psychic realm already know without a shadow of a doubt that telepathy exists, but modern day science has yet to acknowledge it – much.

EEG Headsets

But with the advent of consumer available devices such as the Emotiv eeg headset science seems to be catching up to this power that until now has been pretty much reserved for the Gods.

Here are a couple of good articles in this regard.

I found this one on Mad Progress.

And this one from Jonathan Strickland with a slightly different angle. Mind to mind communication

Some people are doing it already… (Tutorial on how to master telepathy without using machines)

Lots to digest for those who say that the human brain is only a “meat computer”.

Technique For Manifesting A New Reality

I came across the following video, which gives a technique for manifesting your desires and changing your reality.  I have used this technique with incredible results.

I won’t get into the “how and why” it works here as it does not really matter.

Try it for yourself.  Practice in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.  You can practice this whenever and wherever you are when you have the time.

The more developed your concentration the faster your results will be. It also seems to be that if you can inject “emotion” and “feeling” into your vision the results come faster.

To prove to yourself that it works you can start with something very small. An object for example, or a small amount of money.

Once you know that it works, your confidence in your ability to manifest much larger things (a new house for example) will be high, and you won’t stop practicing this manifesting technique until it becomes a reality for you.

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