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Developing psychic power

EEG – The Birth Of Telepathy?

Those in the psychic realm already know without a shadow of a doubt that telepathy exists, but modern day science has yet to acknowledge it – much.

EEG Headsets

But with the advent of consumer available devices such as the Emotiv eeg headset science seems to be catching up to this power that until now has been pretty much reserved for the Gods.

Here are a couple of good articles in this regard.

I found this one on Mad Progress.

And this one from Jonathan Strickland with a slightly different angle. Mind to mind communication

Some people are doing it already… (Tutorial on how to master telepathy without using machines)

Lots to digest for those who say that the human brain is only a “meat computer”.

Technique For Manifesting A New Reality

I came across the following video, which gives a technique for manifesting your desires and changing your reality.  I have used this technique with incredible results.

I won’t get into the “how and why” it works here as it does not really matter.

Try it for yourself.  Practice in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.  You can practice this whenever and wherever you are when you have the time.

The more developed your concentration the faster your results will be. It also seems to be that if you can inject “emotion” and “feeling” into your vision the results come faster.

To prove to yourself that it works you can start with something very small. An object for example, or a small amount of money.

Once you know that it works, your confidence in your ability to manifest much larger things (a new house for example) will be high, and you won’t stop practicing this manifesting technique until it becomes a reality for you.

Remote Viewing


Remote viewing is a highly documented and thoroughly researched tool that has been investigated and concretely developed governments around the world. Most people have heard of it, but do not really know what it is. The ability to remote view is an ability that all humans possess, but just like language, it has to be learned.

When using proper protocols in a remote viewing session, the viewer is not really in an altered state, they are simply using the power of concentration to access information outside themselves.  Remote viewing is in fact a psychic power but not  in the way commonly understood by most and other practitioners of paranormal arts, although recent incomplete and inaccurate reports may have been led many to believe otherwise.

Remote viewers are not the typical clairvoyants, psychics, and fortune tellers one sees advertising their wares on the internet or TV.

Remote viewing is primarily used in conjunction with retro cognition and precognition and is often thought to not be good for finding a lost ring or other valuables, but some success with things of this nature have been reported.  It is often done with topological variety targets.  Remote viewing is a process that a person  undertakes to as the name implies to view something of their choice from long distances with the power of the mind.  There have been very specific protocols developed in order for a remote viewing session to be considered reliable, but that is a subject for a different article.

Remote viewing is the scientific process of receiving or gathering information about a particular target. Often confused with clairvoyance, remote viewing is a learned skill, whereas clairvoyance is more often thought of as a natural skill. Remote viewing is now a robust and sometimes easily repeatable and quickly demonstrable phenomenon.

Remote viewing can be defined as the ability to see and or perceive information about objects, places, people, or even events related to another time, without any known means of communication. In the last several years there have been reports about the US Army and CIA having remote viewing programs in the past and, possible, in the present time.

Remote viewing is a controlled and trainable scientific process involving psi, or psychic abilities. Remote viewing procedures were originally developed in laboratories funded by the United States military and intelligence services and used for espionage purposes. Remote viewing is a term used to describe the ability to sense events remote from yourself, in either time or location, using extrasensory perception. These events could be either in the past, or precognition of the future.

Remote viewing is a new name for an old ability. Remote viewing is the ability of a person to project their conscious observation to a distant location to see or sense what is there. Remote viewing is nothing new in Tibetan monasteries.  For thousands of years remote viewing in the middle of other spiritual activities have dominated Tibetan culture.

Remote viewing is a methodology that helps most anyone use their innate natural intuitive abilities to accurately access previously unknown information remotely. It peels back the layers of deceit and lies and makes known the truth about our world, human history and currents events.

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