When someone is looking for answers they often turn to a free online tarot reading.

There are various ways to go about getting a free reading, from doing it yourself at places like ifate.com, to using the initial free portion (often 10 minutes or so) of a paid service.

Is a Free Online Tarot Reading Really Free?

While many sites offer a free initial consultation with whom they say is a qualified psychic of one sort or the other, there are a couple of things you should think about, and be aware of, before you commit any of your hard earned dollars, or apply your eventual charges for a full reading and consultation to your credit card.

It is important to keep in mind that every one of these types of services, whether free or not, all have a disclaimer that says “for entertainment purposes only”.  There is a reason that statement is there.

The reason that reminder is there is so that you don’t take anything too seriously.  When someone is in a desperate state of mind they often reach out to psychics, astrologers, tarot readers, and the like looking for an answer to their problem.  The thing is, is that these kinds of readings are only there to help guide you to the right decision, not make your decision for you.

When someone is struggling in life there is quite often a huge emotional upheaval going on inside them, and this causes pain.  It is not a pain that is recognized by most people, particularly the one who is experiencing it, but those around that person who are sensitive enough can feel it.  Oftentimes in actual physical pain, but more often in an internal way.

This is where a tarot reader who has some sort of psychic ability can offer help.  Keep in mind that they are there to guide you, not take over your life and make it better.  That part is up to you.  If your tarot reading scares you, and causes you more pain, then you are either not understanding the advice properly, or your tarot reader is trying to take advantage of you.

Keep that in mind if you decide to go forward with a paid version after you get done with your free online tarot reading.

What about free do it yourself services?

The exact advice applies.  They are to be used as a guide only.  How you interpret the advice is up to you.  If it seems confusing, nonsensical, or downright scary it is probably best if you avoid them.

After all… it takes a clear mind to make a good decision, and a clear mind is something that most people do not have, even on a good day. Another thing about free online tarot readings that you do yourself is that it can be very taxing, trying to figure everything out.  And “trying to figure it out”, rarely gets you anywhere.  More information begets even more information.

Tarot can be a very confusing thing if you don’t understand it.

This is why those with a psychic mind can sometimes offer a bit more clarity to an otherwise cloudy situation.  If you have developed the ability to calm your mind to the point of being able to see the multi faceted sides of any situation, or the many possible different answers to a question then all that you need to do to stark working on the solution to a problem is to sit down, concentrate, then meditate if necessary, and follow your intuition.

If you feel compelled to help others with your abilities you may want to look into some of the psychic jobs that are sometimes available.

Tarot cards and tarot readings can be of great benefit to those who use them properly, but for the most part they exist to provide “entertainment purposes only”.




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