Many people are interested in tapping the power of their intuition using the daily duty of sleep.  Often times someone will become interested in further investigation of this subject after repeatedly having the same or similar type dream several nights in a row and begins to wonder if these dreams have some sort of meaning for them in their life.

It has been said here on this site and elsewhere that if a dream is supposed to be providing you some sort of guidance then “you will know it”.  But what to do in the situations where somehow you feel in your gut or “intuitively” that it must have some sort of meaning for you in your life but you just cannot figure it out?

In order for a person to “know” for sure whether or not their dream or dreams are trying to provide some sort of psychic guidance it is important to have at least a somewhat developed intuition.

So how does one go about developing their intuitional power?

Here is a very simple technique that you can use just about anywhere and any time you have at least a free minute or two.  Obviously the more time you have to practice this technique the better, but in the beginning most people find it difficult to stay focused for more than one or two rounds.

Keep in mind that this procedure is just one way to help you develop your concentration.  It will also as a side benefit help to calm your mind.  These two things together – a properly developed ability to concentrate as well as the ability to control your thoughts go hand in hand on the road to developing psychic power as well as manifesting the reality you wish to have.

  1. Sit upright in a chair, feet flat on the floor, shoulders back and your hands resting upright comfortably on your thighs or even a little further up your leg to the junction of your legs and torso.  The reasons for not sitting back in the chair leaning against the back rest are many.  The main one being that most people have a tendency to quickly start drifting off to sleep or at least quickly begin to dive into the subconscious and you do not want to do that at this point.  That comes later.
  2. Inhale deeply and hold that breath for two seconds and then quickly and forcefully exhale.  If the body feels compelled to immediately breathe in again let it, but consciously pull in as much air as you can, hold it for two seconds and then quickly and forcefully exhale.  Do this at least three times before moving on to the next step.  After each exhalation (and more practice) the body will not always feel a need to immediately draw in more air.  In those few seconds a couple of things can and will happen.
  3. If you are aware enough you will begin to feel a little glimmer of calmness and peace in those few moments between breaths.
  4. If your ability to concentrate thus far is quite limited you will lose focus on what it is you are trying to do and start thinking of something else, (particularly if you are leaning back against the backrest of the chair) if this happens to you just bring your mind back to this technique, don’t get down on yourself, and start from step one again.
  5. Now.  After getting a little bit more oxygen to your brain and somewhat calming your nerves and racing mind you can really start developing your concentration by doing the following.  (as a side note a lot of people find that having a clock “ticking” in the back round is helpful in maintaining focus while practicing.  If you have one, make sure it is one that only ticks off in seconds and not the type that “ticks” twice or more a second.)
  6. You will begin drawing in a breath, holding it, and then exhaling in equal amounts.  A useful target is 10 seconds in, 10 seconds held, and 10 seconds exhaled.  In the beginning you will have to simply see what works for you.  Many folks find that 5 seconds is good for them at the start.
  7. If you use the 10 seconds in, 10 seconds held, and 10 seconds exhaled before drawing in the next breath you will essentially be “breathing” twice a minute.  You will quickly start to see the calming benefits of this as a person normally breathes 20 times a minute.
  8. Continue doing this for a total of ten breaths.  Done properly, five minutes or more will have passed.  You will find that after even just a little practice that your body will not demand an immediate “inhalation” after the last exhalation.  This is fantastic when this starts to happen.  Enjoy the calmness and peace between breaths.  You will start gaining the ability to “see” your thoughts and be able to watch them pass by.
  9. Once you have  practiced this very simple technique and know that you are maintaining your focus throughout, then when you are done with your ten breaths lean back in your chair and relax.  Allow yourself to “daydream”.  Pick the subject or thought you want to dream about and in the following minutes you will often see clearly the meaning behind what it is that is hampering you.
  10. Do not expect an instant and “miraculous” answer to come to you.  It rarely happens right away, but over time you will gain the ability to almost instantly “see” the answer to whatever subject or problem you have chosen to work on.

After practicing this very simple (but not necessarily easy) technique for some time you will also notice a whole host of other benefits in your life.  These benefits will be expounded upon in another article later on.

You will find that practicing this psychic dreams technique right before going to sleep at night will also often cause you to not only have more vivid and easier to remember dreams, but that you will also feel a lot more refreshed in the morning. As you delve deeper and deeper you no longer will wonder, “am I psychic?”. You will prove to yourself that it is indeed true.

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