The Tarot Card Deck

A tarot card deck has seventy eight cards is divided into major and minor arcana.  Major arcana are twenty two in number and have various images and generally carry more weight, and represent major, fundamental changes or states of being.  The deck also has fifty six minor arcana cards or suit cards.  The images on the minor arcana cards deal with everyday problems and symbolize their relationship with the seekers questions or problems.

The fifty six minor arcana are closely related to regular playing cards most people are familiar with.  They have four suits usually going by the names of cups, batons or wands, coins, that often are called disks or pentacles, and swords.  All of this depends on the type of deck one uses so it can be a little confusing in the beginning when one starts to learn about tarot cards.

There are different associations made to the four suits of the minor arcana with some of the most common being the batons or wands with fire, the coins with earth, cups with water, and the swords related with air.
Air is sometimes traded with fire in the swords suit depending on the interpretation being made during a tarot card reading.

Every suit in the minor arcana has a total of fourteen cards.  Ten of them are just like regular playing cards, ace through 10.  The last four of the fourteen are called court cards and are the king, queen, knight, and page.  Once again they might have a different name depending on what kind of deck you are using.  A common replacements used for the knight and page cards are with a prince and princess card.  There are still more variations, but the above is the most common if one resides in the western hemisphere.

Many people feel that the twenty two cards of the major arcana represent the absolute central part of the tarot card deck and even mankind himself.  The complete realm of human experience is represented by them.  They symbolize everything about the nature of mankind from the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical point of view.  These major arcane cards can interpret the spiritual or godly aspects of man right down to their fears, weaknesses, and strengths.

The tarot card meaning can change depending on the reading and even the one doing the reading.  A single card can get a different explanation depending on where the card falls in the spread and what the other cards in its vicinity mean.  It is the tarot card reader’s own  judgment and experience which will determine whether or not a certain card has any relevance to the question or problem that is being presented and they will often simply discard it as non consequential.

Since the meanings of the cards in a tarot deck can be interpreted in so many different ways it is important for any one individual to not rely on the advice or interpretation given as complete gospel.  No one’s life is completely driven by fate or destiny if they use at least a little bit of their own free will and common sense to live their life.

Tarot cards can be used to help clarify a confusing situation and even open your mind to possible solutions to your problems, but they will only be helpful to you if you take positive action to change your troubling situation or to be alert for potential hazards in your future.

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